Public Works Committee

The Public Works Committee makes recommendations to the Public Works Department for the development and implementation of new facilities and services; and maintain existing public utilities, facilities, and services, as well as other Public Works functions. Under direction of the Council, the Committee regularly reviews current policies and programs related to drinking water, wastewater treatment, storm drainage, roads, streets, and transportation; and recommends strategies and policies for the expansion or improvement of these systems. There are five members on the Public Works Committee, and each serves a four-year term.


- Jenee Pearce-Mushen, Chair
- Steven Weight, Vice-Chair
- Amber Fowler
- Doug Craner
​- Scott Hudson

Staff Contacts

labonte [at] (Karen La Bonte), Public Works Director
Tessa Schutt, Administrative Assistant

Meeting Day

3rd Tuesday of Each Month, 9:00 am

Public Works Committee Application Form

If you are interested in serving on the Public Works Committee please complete the application form above and return it to City Hall.